Dr. Bernard Grenway Publishes New Book: Random Musings: Reflections of a Black Intellectual

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could find the time to write and publish a book while teaching a full course load, taking care of three little kids, and working on a second PhD (yes, another—in addition to three master’s degrees). But spend 5 minutes with Dr. Bernard Grenway and you, too, will feel moved to do more.

Dr. Grenway’s new book, Random Musings: Reflections of a Black Intellectual, is a collection of thought-provoking essays about Grenway’s life, including his less than stellar academic start.

“My interest in education didn’t start until really late,” says Dr. Grenway, who now teaches in the Schools of Business and Management and Criminal Justice at Kaplan University, Hagerstown campus. “I got a basketball scholarship to the University of Maine and barely graduated with a 2.0 average.”

Dr. Grenway’s indifference toward education changed abruptly when his wife became pregnant. That’s when he decided to go back to school and fell in love with the education process. “I was inspired by Socrates who said: ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ If you don’t look at yourself, you’re never going to reach your dreams. I realized that and was able to reinvent my life through education.”

The book also contains Dr. Grenway’s reflections on race—which are informed by his stay on a Native American reservation—and his firsthand experience as a West Indian, African American who is married to a woman who is half German and half Dutch.

“Even in the classroom, we get so hung up on the idea of race,” Grenway explains. “Race is an idea, not a biological fact. We need to pay more attention to culture than race. We need to improve our cultural intelligence to better understand people who don’t look like us.”

For more of Dr. Grenway’s musings, download his book here, or visit his website here.

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